“Taking classes at The Potter’s Wheel is probably the best investment I have ever made.  My  intentions were to have a little fun but
thanks to Deci, not only have I found my passion but I have found a place where I can leave my hectic schedule at the door and do something just for me.  If I don’t have the time, I make the time.”
–Janice Jurgensen

“I am going to throw a pot” What magical words and learning to “Throw a pot” with Deci as your instructor guide, friend is indeed magical.  Race to her Studio and at the center of this absolutely wonderful experience is Deci always there to advise you, always there to give guidance and in her magical way make you believe that you can “Throw a pot” That will give you much satisfaction and enjoyment and you will succeed.”
–Jake Fredericks student since 2004

“I have been “playing with clay” for four years at The Potter’s Wheel.  On my very first day of class I was allowed to use the wheel and have fun.
From that day on I have been having a great time creating my own version of art!” — Wandy