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Grande 1 1/2 Gallon Olla

Ollas and How They Work

Ollas (pronounced oy-yah).  Is an unglazed clay pot fired at a low temperature? This allows the pot to remain porous. The OLLA is buried in the ground with neck exposed and periodically filled with water. The water seeps into the soil at a rate that provides adjacent plants with a constant water source at the roots.” The use of Ollas is an ancient practice. This system has been used in China, Pakistan, India, Iran, Mexico and Brazil. Irrigation with ollas is said to be up to 10 times more efficient than conventional surface watering. Here’s why… “When ollas are used properly, plant roots will proliferate around the moist clay jar, intercepting water before it can move through the soil by capillary action. This water intercepted by plant roots will then be used in the plant transpiration stream. This results in almost 100% of applied irrigation water being absorbed by the plants.”

Benefits of Ollas

Besides simply being an efficient way to water plants, ollas provide the benefit of avoiding overheard watering. Overhead watering can promote the growth of mildew and fungus on plants, especially tomatoes and cucurbits (cucumbers, zucchini, squash, etc.). Because the moisture is applied below the surface (and in many cases directly to the roots) the surface of the garden remains dry. The benefit to a dry surface is that weed seeds that make it to your garden bed are less likely to germinate. And the slow/on-demand wicking of water into the bed means that erosion of soil and nutrients is a non-issue. And lastly ollas can be a more sustainable method of watering than the conventional hose-and-sprinkler system because they don’t rely on water pressure or a city water hookup to ‘operate’.

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